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I.F - 2.14


Volume 8 (2017) Issue 5 (September-October)

Effect of Political Risk on Bank Profitability
Selim Şanlısoy,Üzeyir Aydın and Ayşe Elif Ay Yalçınkaya
Open Innovation and Business Model in Brazilian
Small Business
Elzo Alves Aranha,Neuza Abbud Prado Garcia,Grégory N. R. da Silva,Paulo Santos
Quality of Working Life and Occupational Stress: A Brazilian Perspective.
Janine Lopes Carvalho,Dr. Paulo Lourenço Domingues Junior and Dr. Anderson de Souza Sant´Anna
Balkan countries challenge–Individual Income
taxes effects versus differential value added tax
algorithms on regional government revenues
Todri Ardita,Scalera Francesco
Media Staffs Rewards, Working Enviroments and
Performance: A Conceptual Analysis
FaroqThabit Ahmed Saeed and Rezian-na Muhammed Kassim
Impact of Operating Revenue on Credit with Financial Performance Banking: analysis of two business banks in the period from 2006 to 2015
Munique Rech,Taís Araldi Reichert, Tiago Novaes,Marta Elisete Ventura da Motta,Maria Emilia Camargo,Ademar Galelli,Priscila Tissot
The Relationship between Market Orientation, Learning Orientation and Organizational Performance in the Development of New Products
Uiliam Hahn Biegelmeyer,Maria Emilia Camargo,Tânia Craco,Ademar Galelli,Alice Munz Fernandes and Silvana Cargnino Biegelmeyer
Environmental Management: Development Feasibility of New Product
Vicente Fernando Pozzebon,Marta Elisete Ventura da Motta,Maria Emilia Camargo,Alice Munz Fernandes, Ademar Galelli,Beatriz Lúcia Salvador Bizotto,Raquel Viviane Fiamenghi Prusch
Opinion of the Magistrates of the Labor Sphere Regarding the Appointment, Quality and Relevance of Expert Reports
Tânia Carissimi Fochezatto,Marta Elisete Ventura da Motta,Alice Munz Fernandes,Maria Emilia Camargo,Ademar Galelli,Beatriz Lúcia Salvador Bizotto
Organizational Citizenship and Other Behavioral Variables Acting on a Merger Environment
Rui Charles, Ademar Galelli, Maria Emilia Camargo
Organizational Sustainability Perception According to the Global Reporting Initiative Indicators
Ademor Fábio Basso Júnior,Ricardo José Nascimento,Marta Elisete Ventura da Motta,Alice Munz Fernandes,Ademar Galelli,Maria Emilia Camargo
Prospective Analysis of Wooden Frames
Tiago Tomielo,Maria Emilia Camargo,Angela Isabel dos Santos Dullius,Angela Pelegrin Ansuj,Marta Elisete Ventura da Motta,Ademar Galelli.